Learning to Socialize

The Discreet Side of Social Life


Many people go out to events to see and be seen. They seek the approval of their society, and these events are one way to achieve that goal. They want to be part of the important social scene. Popularity is their goal because they believe this is the only goal worth achieving. Their relationships, often superficial, are dependent on their place in society. Many of them are involved in relationships or marriage simply to please their society.

Living life this way works well for some people. Others feel it is not for them. They would rather be a social outcast than live a life without personal emotional satisfaction. The problem with this goal is that it takes time to find a supportive long term partner. These people may need to seek outside their normal social circles. In the meantime, they are often lonely and without an intimate partner to relieve their stress.

For people that are seeking a major social change, fuck buddies are the perfect person for their intimate needs. They will not have to worry about socializing with this person. Discretion is a facet of this type of relationship. This is only a temporary measure to relieve stress and physical pressure. A fuck buddy is not interested in a long term relationship. They want someone for now, not forever.

Finding a partner for casual sex is frowned upon in many societies. Society often pretends this is not a basic human need. Many people of this type are found only through a cryptic world where honesty is difficult to achieve. Searching for them takes a concentrated effort in many societies. The world of cyberspace has made them easier to find. More people than ever before can now hook up for a good time without a permanent commitment.