Learning to Socialize

Dating as Friends


Many people see dating as nothing more than a goalpost to a permanent relationship, but they sometimes forget that the best long term commitments are between friends. While they might not be willing to marry or be intimate with a particular friend, dating someone in the hopes of a relationship means making them into a friend. Learning to see their side of things, and even listening without judgement is part of what is necessary for dating as friends, and it can lead the couple to find they are compatible enough to build a future together.

It is difficult for many people to see someone they are dating as a friend, and it is because they believe it is a different type of relationship. The thought of physical intimacy could hold them back from considering the person as a friend, or they might have been raised in a manner that shows them friendship is the last thing two married people have together. Overcoming these concepts can be challenging.

A person who enters a relationship without the idea of making a dating partner a friend will often find their relationships do not last long, and it is due to trust issues on their part. The person they are dating wants the intimacy of friendship, but they find they are treated more like a stranger when it comes to anything other than being on a date. It does take time to earn trust, but it should begin as the couple goes on their first few dates.

One of the most important parts of friendship is the knowledge the other person will always be there, and that is one of the main reasons a relationship between two people works. If one person feels that aspect is lacking, they will be more than likely to drop the relationship and move on to date someone else.