Learning to Socialize

An Expanding Social Circle


The awkwardness associated with dating is real, but there are many ways to help cure it. Some people have found that going on a lot of dates will eventually help them get past the anxiety. This does not work for everyone, so some people find other avenues to help build their confidence. One of the best ways to get past the insecurity of being on a first date is to bring another couple along. As two people get to know each other, an expanding social circle for them could form.

Double dating has long been a way to get two singles together, and it can be successful if everyone tries hard. The awkwardness of those just meeting can be smoothed over by their friends, and a good date can be the result. For those who still feel less than secure after the first date, continuing to double date may be a good formula.

Group dating has become popular in some cultures, and it can be fun for the participants. They have no particular goal in mind other than having fun, and the group can help to keep moods upbeat. Friends are often supportive of those with less social experience, so this formula alone can be helpful when two people meet for the first time. It is a way to get to know each other without anxiety interfering with the process.

Meeting the friends of a date is generally reserved until the couple has gotten to know each other better, but inviting them along from the beginning does have rewards. It offers a couple other people to help them transition smoothly from being strangers to becoming a couple. This type of expanded social circle can become a successful formula for those with social anxiety issues, but it can also be a fun way to begin the process of exploring the possibility of a long term relationship.